Trophy & Export

Trophy & Export

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with top quality trophy handling facilities. We will see to it that your trophies are skinned and processed in the correct manner, using the proper methods to ensure good taxidermy work. As soon as your trophy has been harvested and pictures taken, we will carefully load your trophy and transport it back to our processing facility.  Here we will hoist your trophy from the vehicle and move it to the skinning area by means of a railing system. Our qualified skinner will see to it that your trophy is carefully processed. Each part of the trophy is then tagged with your details; name, surname and what part of the trophy it is. This ensures that there will not be any confusion as to what trophy belongs to which hunter.

After the meat has been moved inside our cold room and each trophy part has been properly tagged, the different parts undergo further processing. Firstly, the skins are subjected to a pickled bath to ensure all possible bacteria are killed. The skins are then moved to a salt pit, which extracts any excess moisture. After the skins has been in the salt for approximately two days, it is then moved to our drying area to be spread out and hanged until it is 90% dried. This allows the skins to be neatly folded and stored on our packaging racks, ready to be shipped to our preferred local taxidermist.

The skulls are boiled to remove any excess flesh, taking care not to submerge the horns in the water. After the boiling process is complete our skinner takes care of any leftover pieces of fat or flesh. The skulls are then placed in the salt pit to remove any remaining moisture. When the entire process is complete the skulls are then stored on our packaging racks, ready to be shipped to our local taxidermist.

We will personally handle the paperwork needed to conduct the export of your trophies. You have two options available to choose from; your trophies can either be dispatched to our preferred local taxidermist for full taxidermy work or exported as “dip-and-pack” to your preferred taxidermist in your home country.



  • Skinning Area
  • Meat Processing Area/Butchery
  • Cold Room
  • Chemical Bath
  • Salt Pit
  • Drying Area
  • Packaging Rack


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